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    "We ran a follow up day in Spaxton, which went better than we had dared hope" - Rev Hilary Watkins, Bridgwater 2006

    "I really wondered what my year old niece (the youngest of four & with teenage siblings), would make of the Marcus box that I gave her as a First Communion present - she absolutely loves it - its great! ".

    Sharon O'Donnell, Adult Religious Education Adviser, Diocese of Hexham & Newcastle. 2005

    St Columba's gave 120 children the Marcus video in May. We followed up with our Columbarumba party in November and invited all the children to come with their Mums - and 55 children came. We were almost overwhelmed. Now for next year....Terry Scholes, St Columba' s Corby. 2002

    Our Holiday Club this year was over-subscribed four times, from 80 to 320 kids - Barrow Methodist minister 2003

    The 250 boxes have been distributed to the schools and very well received. The project caught the imagination of the congregation so that raising the money to cover the gift proved quite straightforward in the end. It really is a wonderful opportunity. Rev Dr Mike Gilbertson, Hartlepool 2004

    The packs and videos are absolutely splendid, and both our schools are delighted with them. We are expecting a good response at the first of our follow-up club sessions, both from children in the target years and from others already with connection to the church. We also expect to link it all to school assemblies over the coming half-term and beyond. Thanks again Rev Jeremy Chadd, Sunderland

    The Video has opened up a great window of opportunity at Easington Lane Primary School. The teaching staff there have really warmed to our involvement, which has in turn led to regular school/church contact. Thank you so much for your understanding and for helping us reach our village for Christ. Yours in Christ, Andrew Jenkins (Pastor) Hetton le Hole, Tyne & Wear

    Dear Ross, Greetings from sunny Bermondsey ! I just wanted to feedback to you about our recent project. First of all I want to say a very big THANKYOU to you for making it possible. It was wonderful to be able to go in to so many schools with such good videos. For us in Bermondsey it built on much of our schools work and has obviously enhanced this; plus it has got us into new schools. One such school was previously closed to Christians, and we took the videos in, and last week I was in there taking Year 6 lessons, and hopefully my schools worker will be involved in their assemblies and R.E. from next term. The children I have spoken to really enjoyed the videos. Julie Harper, London City Mission

    1150 children (Year 2) in Barrow have received the videos. It's a good age to give children these as they watch them repeatedly and enjoy them. Rev Canon Carol Farrer, Barrow in Furness. 2003

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