"We gave 120 local children a Marcus each last May. In November we invited them to a party - and 55 came, together with their Mums." St Columba's, Corby.

    The MARCUS Box has been developed as the key to an outreach/mission program to build on the proven success of Storykeepers being attractive to unchurched children. So - Come with Marcus - on an introduction to Jesus.

    Over 75,000 children have been introduced to Jesus on receiving a Marcus box since the scheme began.

    'WHAT is it?

    MARCUS consists of:

    a 60 minute DVD containing Storykeepers episodes 1 & 2;

    • a gospel of St Mark (modern version to suit local needs - in the UK the NIV; in the USA - NAB or NIrV)
    • a boardgame - a snakes (chutes) & ladders style game around the streets of Rome using the sticker characters supplied. Christians get two free throws before the Roman Centurion sets off in pursuit. If he catches you, you're 'thrown to the lions!'
    • 3 sets of stickers - a sheet of characters, a sheet of background items for personal decorative use, and a sheet of elements to 'spice up' the boardgame.

    WHO is it for?

    MARCUS is designed to introduce the gospel stories to children aged 5 thru 11 years of age, and to form the start point for reaching out to their whole families.

    It also makes a great First Communion gift.

    PROJECT organisation and COST

    MARCUS is designed for outreach campaigns in specific locations, to involve as wide a grouping of churches as practical, and to create an impact on the local community (including harnessing press and radio coverage if possible).
    MARCUS is therefore supplied at cost (4 per box for 25 or more DVDs in UK, $6 for 30+ DVDs in USA incl shipping). Such low costs are possible because of bulk purchasing.

    MARCUS in Action

    The initial MARCUS trial was in the 3 cities across the UK in May 2001, and thereafter has run annually. St Columba's church in Corby gave out 120 Marcus boxes in May 2002. 55 children (with parents) came the follow up party in November. A stunning 46% response. see also Testimonies above.

    MARCUS across the World

    MARCUS was introduced to churches in Texas in English in May/June 2003.

    The English/Spanish DVD version launched in September 2005 across the US using the New American Bible gospel, price $6.

    Canada - Marcus boxes are being delivered to churches in Montreal November 2006, price C$8.

    Across Ireland in October 2002 over 2000 Marcus boxes were distributed.


    MARCUS is given by your church to unchurched children. The children take Marcus home where they enjoy the 2 episodes. This becomes clear to parents too.

    PARTIES. The church then invites the child to a party at the church/hall, and to bring the whole family too. Our handbook The Story Lives On (see web resources) was written specifically for family party & bible study. It recognises that helpers may be few! Many churches have as few as 3 parties each year.

    PRAYER POTS. We suggest you give each child a present to take home at your party.

    Follow up worship. The stage is now set for you to invite the whole family to a worship service suitable for their tentative state.

    To discover more about MARCUS and how it might work for your own outreach, please contact Ross Coad ross@coadmedia.com by email
    or telephone (+44 1747 841 531)

    come with marcus dvd cover
    UK Testimonies

    come with marcus US dvd cover
    US Testimonies


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