Are DVDs licensed for viewing in schools or churches or public groups? This is a question that has been asked frequently in recent times.

Teachers DVD sets.

Storykeepers sets of DVDs with handbooks are licensed for public viewing. These DVDs are typically ‘cued up’ to allow the teacher to access any specific parable; the handbooks provide material to support such detailed access, or to run VBS or Holiday Clubs, or to run inter generational bible studies for church groups. The ‘public viewing licence’ is reflected in the price of these sets.

I Remember When

  Come with Marcus

These DVDs are designed for family viewing and are priced to encourage families to deepen their understanding of the gospels. These DVDs are not cued up, and are designed to be played straight through in a domestic setting.

VHS & DVD purchased from shops

A number of queries arise regularly about whether such recordings can be used in a church setting or in Sunday School classes. Such recordings are ONLY licensed for private, domestic viewing in homes. They are NOT licensed for use in the community – church or school.