The regular opening up of Storykeepers in new countries and with different denominations brings a steady flow of new locally sourced teaching materials for teachers and leaders. This is throwing up a wonderful array of additional possibilities for using Storykeepers.

The Internet allows us to share this creativity, and offer it to work for us all, around the world.

Please check this page for links regularly as we expect there to be new material for you to consider approx every quarter.

View the School Assembly material written for use with Storykeepers parables - by Diana Lazenby

How to draw together or integrate old and young is frequently a major challenge for Christians and churches.

THE STORY LIVES ON offers 13 party sessions that enable all - senior citizens, parents and children - to enjoy new insights into the Gospel stories together.

The STORYKEEPERS 13 part video series provides the focus for The Story Lives On, and each session uses a single half hour episode. A community meal, and discussion of Jesus' teachings, models the table fellowship of early Christian communities.

Sessions are suitable for Advent, Lent, or regular Bible School teaching.

The online resource containing the full 52 page handbook is currently not available online. Hard copies are available - please email ross@coadmedia.com for details.  UK for £12;
US/Canada English/Spanish bilingual for $27.

The Introduction and one sample session are free on request by email. Thereafter the full text in hard copy requires a single payment of 12 (US$27).