"Storykeepers Resource Kit," the new fully bi-lingual DVD based Christian education kit with both English and Spanish language tracks/handbook, is now available, price $154.99. These kits are licensed for use in schools and churches.

    These new kits offer 4 DVDs, each covering 3 or 4 episodes, and are cued up allowing teachers direct access to all 46 parables and Jesus stories, in both English and Spanish. The 4 DVDs allow a variety of classes to be using this resource at any one time.             For more detail  - contact re deliveries etc. Storykeepers has been showing on EWTN and Hallmark channels for nearly 10 years.

    These DVD kits are ideal for teachers wishing to focus on specific parables. Each parable or story takes about 2 minutes, so allowing the teacher to use the clip as a bright 'extra' for the class, yet not taking over the whole schedule.

    Developed in the U.S. by and for Christian educators, the non- denominational resource kits include 4 DVDs containing the entire 13-part series, together with a guidebook for teachers. The guidebook is designed to enable adults to learn and tell the stories of Jesus to children, and to involve children with the stories through the videos and a wide range of hands-on activities. The guidebook is available to order on its own.

    The kits can be adapted for use with youth or even young-at-heart adults. It can also be used by parents or grandparents, who are often the best storytellers of all.

    The Story Lives On is a 3 generational bible study handbook for use with children and adults together. Offered as 13 parties directly linked to the 13 Storykeepers episodes, this resource includes 26 different activities.

    Thoroughly road tested since publication in 2002 this handbook, mindful of volunteer fatigue, enables users to dip in and out across the church’s year, as all 13 parties stand alone. It makes a great resource for those using Whole Community Catechesis.