Jesus-Book Club

    My son is a classic example: he and his wife (they're aged 31) went to church about 6 times,  got alongside the minister and had their little daughter baptised about 18 months ago. "How are you getting on with St Luke's" I asked him recently. "Well, y'know Dad, it just doesn't really do it for me."

    Sound familiar? Adult education that recognises the age of iphones and all the internet opportunities, is a real challenge to the Christian faith community.  For all this, young adults still come to be married, bring their children for baptism and for religious education - so they are 'showing interest'.  Yet we struggle to capture this interest - so many such young adults prove not to be ready for the discipline of our customary church services.


    So - how do we engage such young interested adults? They seek involvement - not merely to be preached at.


    The Jesus-Book Club builds on the Book Club formula - offering relaxed, open, searching debate amongst the participants. For the clergy there is merely a watching role.


    BUT the Jesus-Book Club debate is built on the teachings of Jesus as presented in the animated video series The Storykeepers.  Nominally a 'kids video' this series offers a theologically sound introduction to the gospel texts without making adults feel threatened or inadequate. Video also recognises that we are no longer primarily a literate culture.


    The Jesus-Book Club offers a Level 1 opportunity and at a minimal cost. We suggest you explore the pdfs.

    Mesa Redonda con Jesus is the Latino version.

    Cheapest entry to The Storykeepers is the I Remember When DVD set. The teaching kit costs more but with all 47 Jesus stories 'cued up' offers so much more for the teacher or minister. Order Online.





    You may download the information sheet



    USA Latino


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